CSC Hamilton/Niagara Chapter Virtual Event!

Canadian Applications for Seismic Ceiling Design & Disaster Proof Buildings
September 14, 2022 | By Michael Mooney

Our Presenter:
Brian Dobbins, Dipl. Arch. Technology, CTR – Architectural Sales Representative CGC Inc.
The Presentation:
This presentation will explain the necessary elements in the design of a ceiling system dependent on the seismic category outlined by ASTM E580. We begin with a brief summary of non-structural earthquake damage to better understand the impact to Life Safety, Property Loss and Functional Loss. We proceed to explain the differences between Canadian and U.S. Seismic codes and why ASTM E580 is utilized throughout North America. We then move on to explain the common practices of seismic suspended ceiling installation as prescribed by ASTM E580 (Category “C” or “D-E-F”). Once installation methods are presented, we review the documentation available for use as a reference in the design and construction of seismic suspended ceilings.
About Brian:
Brian Dobbins has worked as an Architectural Sales Representative with CGC since 2012.  With a background in Architectural Technology, Brian has undertaken various technical sales roles within the Ontario market since 1991.  These sales roles have included work in the Elevator, Roll Forming and Building Material Manufacturing & Supply Industries. Throughout these various roles, Brian has conducted numerous presentations to audiences including Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Specification Writers, Owners, Project Managers, Property Managers and Technologists.  These seminars have incorporated product knowledge as well methodological and code related presentations.  As an active member of Construction Specifications Canada (CSC), Brian holds a Certified Technical Representative’s (CTR) designation.
Please Note:
·   This presentation will use the ZOOM VIDEO CONFERENCING format. (Please see instructions below)
·   This is a structured learning event.  Upon request, Participation Certificates will be made available for OAA learning credits.
Target Audience:     
Architects, Specification Writers, Building Consultants, Building Code Professionals, Engineers, Building Owners Property Managers, General Contractors and Sub Trades.
Date:     Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Time:     1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Cost:     No Charge. Please register through the following Eventbrite link:
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Michael Mooney   Cell: (416) 662-4720                                mmooney@wrmeadows.com
Steve Ioannidis     Cell: (647) 518 0908                                 sioannides@north49sa.com
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We look forward to you joining us on Wednesday, September 28th